Piccadilly line tunnel

Piccadilly line tunnel

Perhaps the most appropriate tube ad to be faced with on my way home from work today: blown up versions of luggage tags, all for far off and exotic places. I’d give Expedia a mental kick and a grumble if it were any other night, but as it so happens in a matter of minutes I’ll be heading to Heathrow! I’ve got my parka, a hat that has yet to make an appearance in London this year, and my warmest pair of socks (given to me by a friend doing her Master’s degree in Saskatchewan – they know about cold there). This UK weather (pssht. it’s snowing? where? in Scotland?) obviously isn’t doing it for the Canadian in me, so I am headed to Moscow (in case you didn’t pick it up, that was sarcasm about the weather. I am trembling in my Saskatchewan socks just thinking about what’s awaiting me. But I digress.)

One of the (only) perks of having a significant other who spends so much time working in Russia that he has a flat in Moscow is having a significant other with a flat in Moscow. I’ve never been, and the Cold War geek in me has been itching to for a while, so today’s the day – BORSCHT! COMMUNIST HISTORY! ST BASIL’S CATHEDRAL (is it wrong to call a cathedral adorable?) We only have 4 days, but by Lenin I am determined to make the most of it. Out the door with me now…


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