Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus (ON SUSHI!)



I couldn’t help myself – I’m just back from Japan, and am trying anything I can think of to make the sushi immersion experience last longer, including posting a photo for this week’s photo challenge, ‘focus’ (though I can’t say staring at it is doing much to stave off my lingering craving).

This year, I got my first SLR camera, and have had lots of fun playing around with the settings (though more often than not I find the coveted ‘blurry background’ ends up extending to my entire photo…practice makes perfect I guess!) In this case, I think the focus is just where it should be: on the delicious morsel of bonito sushi waiting to be devoured. I had never heard of bonito before (a kind of tuna, ‘katsuo’ in Japanese) – but I’m so glad we’ve been introduced. This meal itself was part of a really special dining experience in Tokyo, which I’ll write about shortly (hint: it was a dream come true). Now the question is where to find bonito in London…


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