Now There’s a Novel Idea…

Now there's a novel idea

Surprise shelf at the North Library

Coming across this shelf at Islington’s North Library, I wanted to clap my hands together with glee (*major book nerd alert*). I’ve visited a respectable number of libraries over the years, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen random selection taken to this level. I’m so intrigued…I wonder whose responsibility (privilege!) it was to gift wrap these hidden reads. What books would you pick – something to delight, to surprise, to yank one abruptly out of one’s comfort zone? Though I guess you could never fully predict what reaction your choice would inspire, given that it’d be completely dependent on the particular patron who happened to grab it off the shelf…

I’m definitely of the school that believes books have the power to change lives, so just imagine the influence in the hands of this lucky librarian (or librarians) – no pressure!

5 thoughts on “Now There’s a Novel Idea…

    1. CatherineTs Post author

      absolutely – i did my high school volunteering hours in the children’s section of my local library, and it was so cute seeing the kids finding new favorites over the months!


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