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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (‘It’s a lot smaller in real life…’)

Stones + henges

Stones + henges

A couple weekends back, I went to go see what I’ve been avoiding since moving to London – the most famous pile of rocks to ever grace a field.

To be fair, ‘avoiding’ is probably too strong a word. I just never felt the need, kind of like how I feel about the London Eye – suuuuper touristy, overpriced and overhyped. While I still haven’t gone up the London Eye and probably won’t, I’m ever so glad to say I was wrong about the rock pile. I think once in your life, especially on a sunny, summery day, Stonehenge is worth the trek…and in all weather, I truly do think it fits the ‘masterpiece’ bill of this week’s photo challenge!

The occasion was a friend visiting from Toronto, staying with my Canadian friend Laura who is finishing up her Master’s degree here in London. We booked rail tickets in advance to Salisbury, which ended up being around £20 for a return journey (not bad for a couple hours’ ride). Upon arriving at the station, we (and the hoards of tourists who had the same idea) thought it’d be best to pay another £20 to the tour group – this includes your coach bus ride to and from Stonehenge, your admission AND a handy line bypass (so worth it, not to mention we felt like prehistoric monument VIPs…when does one ever get to say that).

While I do have to say that it looks bigger in pictures, it was pretty cool to see the stones and the henges up close and personal. There’s an audio guide to accompany your circling of the site, telling you all about its mysterious history (no but SERIOUSLY, what was it meant to be?? sunworshipping temple? creepy burial ground? Merlin’s clubhouse?) I have to say, while bits and pieces have been pillaged or stolen (…really? no one noticed this happening?) it’s in remarkably good shape for being 5000 years old. It is so, so mindblowing to think of its history and sheer longevity…for this, I say, it’s an undisputed masterpiece to me.

Having said all that……

….can we all agree that a TRUE masterpiece is any jump pic that manages to capture all people in the air at the same time?? Seventh time’s a charm!!