Tokyo – Heels, Everywhere


In an almost unbelievable feat (pardon the pun) of pedi-fashion dedication, heels were everywhere in Tokyo, despite the heat wave. It was just like the time in Moscow that, regardless of minus degree weather and a full on SNOWSTORM, the majority of women were in fur-lined stiletto boots. Gentlemen, I think we all know who is really the stronger sex here, based on sheer pain threshold (I’m not including myself in this. I wore heels on my first day of work and never since. Because I’m too young to trip and fall into a Tube tunnel!!)

Anyway, I remain in awe of these fashionistas, never fearing that in this weather their feet may get so sweaty as to just pop out of their strappy sandals. Not sure if foot-watching is a thing for most people, but observing the heels clacking along in Tokyo might just make it so.

5 thoughts on “Tokyo – Heels, Everywhere

  1. simpletravelourway

    We are in Tokyo now and totally agree about the heels ….and the fashionable outfits that defy this heat and humidity! Yesterday we saw a woman on her cruiser bike, beautifully dressed and wearing high heels. How do they do it?


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