Moscow – The Russian Nobu Experience

Japanese may not be the first cuisine to spring to mind when considering dining options in Moscow, but who in their right mind would say no to what I’d unequivocally call the most scrumptious sushi in the land?? NO ONE (except for maybe my friend Sarah, who is literally scared of seafood).

Having always wanted to try Nobu in London, but never able to find a reservation before 10pm, I agreed (kicking and screaming, really, it was a very difficult decision) to dinner at Nobu in Moscow. Mike suggested sensibly that we’ve been saving money on the dinners we haven’t been having together in London since he’s been away in Russia, and could thus afford the splurge. Infallible logic to me.

Snowy Moscow rooftops outside

Snowy Moscow rooftops outside

The first thing that struck me about Nobu Moscow was how warm it was – literally and figuratively. We soon forgot the wintery world outside, settling in to the plush, velvety benches by our table and admiring the inviting, peaceful walnut decor (their website tells me the chandeliers were inspired by sea urchins – I was thinking more bird’s nest, but hey!) The staff were great – though they spoke little English, they welcomed every guest who passed through the front entrance with a short chant in Russian, which our waitress told us meant ‘Welcome to our home’.


I’m not sure if it was because it was a Thursday, but the restaurant wasn’t overly busy, giving the whole place a really relaxed atmosphere (well that, and all the pillows). As I’m sure ordering the entire menu would have thrown our waitress off (and because I didn’t fancy subsisting off water and noodles for five years to make up for it), we narrowed it down to a few, delectable items:

Mango martini + spicy edamame...a surprisingly tasty combination!

Mango martini + spicy edamame…a surprisingly tasty combination!

Pumpkin + crab soup HEAVEN

Pumpkin + crab soup HEAVEN

King crab + avocado tacos

King crab + avocado tacos

Nobu's piece de resistance (black cod with miso) and aubergine IN an aubergine

Nobu’s piece de resistance (black cod with miso) and aubergine IN an aubergine

Had to make room for these...

Had to make room for these…

It hardly needs saying, but the raaaave reviews I’ve heard from everyone back in London stood up swimmingly in Moscow – not to mention we didn’t need to book weeks in advance, and got a table for the reasonable hour of 8pm. My ONE word of caution though, for anyone who finds themselves about to visit: run, don’t walk, to the nearest market/convenient store/fountain and procure a bottle of water to stash in your purse and smuggle into the restaurant. One decent sized bottle cost us 650 rubles, or FOURTEEN BRITISH POUNDS. Maybe when this actually sinks in, I’ll revise my recommendation, but probably not. Nobu, in any city…go go go!

4 thoughts on “Moscow – The Russian Nobu Experience

  1. naturelands

    Did you notice how many Japanese restaurants are there in Moscow, any kind, not just Nobu? Russians love Japanese food! Quite a mystery to me… Mind you, I myself go there every year then I go back to Moscow 🙂


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