The Love Locks Have Landed

Love Locks in Covent Garden

Love Locks in Covent Garden

I have a thing for love locks. You know, the padlocks that couples with stars in their eyes attach to bridges or fences or unsuspecting wildlife, throwing away the key with a promise of everlasting love. These locks inspire surprisingly heated debate, with some residents in cities where they’ve popped up claiming that they’re ugly, or a silly idea, or even, in one case, a fungus. But I say, Scrooges begone! Who cares if many of the couples securing their locks might not make it to forever, or even past their current holiday getaway (Paris in the rain isn’t as romantic as it sounds when your toes are swimming in cold shoe-puddles). The point is that each of those locks represents a moment in time, however brief, when two people were happy or hopeful or in love or all three. What else could be so worth commemorating?

I paid my respects to the love locks on the Pont des Arts in Paris last year, and hope to visit the ones on Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow next month (these are nestled on their very own metal love trees!!) I recently came across a post by the Little London Observationist about love locks on a fence across from Shoreditch High Street station and got really excited, but before I could even make it over there to check, I came across the above display smack dab in the middle of Covent Garden. Turns out these are here for a short time only, courtesy of the British Heart Foundation, promoting a ‘healthy heart’ on Valentine’s Day. Grab your lover, your friends, or one of those raucous street entertainers (never in short supply) and lock one of your own (though I can’t imagine where you’d throw away the key, considering the Thames flows nowhere near the piazza). And then go eat some chocolate. Good for the heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day from London!

Love locks again

11 thoughts on “The Love Locks Have Landed

    1. CatherineTs Post author

      Haha yes i almost felt bad about loving something so many of the locals seem to hate – at least these ones haven’t caused TOO much of a stir! Though it seems the phenomenon is spreading…my mother told me locks have popped up by the local high school in my suburb back home!

  1. Federico

    Thanks a lot for posting “The Love Locks Have Landed | londonlately”.
    I actuallywill undoubtedly end up being back for more
    browsing and writing comments soon enough. I am grateful,

  2. saraleesa

    I have been in Verona, Italie last December and visited the Romeo and Juliette balcony… (yes, yes). Same there… the locks are all over. Moreover, the walls are filled with sticky chewing gums with names written over them, another love tradition….

  3. CatherineTs Post author

    Hehe they were apparently very popular – ended up being displayed for an extra 2 weeks! Hopefully you’ll make it over sometime in the not-so-distant future 🙂

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