It had to happen eventually.

A blog of my own! Though I moved to London from Toronto more than 3 years ago, I’m subscribing to the ‘better late than never’ school of thought (perhaps something I should’ve done ages ago, but hey, I’m here now). This will be a bit of an exercise in writing for me, and a way to export snippets of my life here back to those at home. That’s the thing with this city – there’s always something exciting or quirky or beautiful to share (tired of London, tired of…well, you know the drill).

In my mind, I keep track of everyone’s whereabouts using an imaginary map with a multitude of little pins on it, each representing the locations of more and more friends making their way in the world. The further away we get from university graduation, the more cluttered that map becomes. I think the single best part of having such a wanderlust-bitten cohort are the windows I get to peer into, standing on metaphorical ladders made of writings, photographs,  status updates and, when I’m lucky, animated narratives in person, while the older gentleman at the next table cringes at the sheer volume of our conversation (not that this has happened to me, obviously).

I hope this will be my addition to these shared accounts. To paraphrase that wealth of middle school wisdom, Savage Garden – I knew I loved London before I met it. We clicked at once, and its frenetic energy, its magnificent streets and its fascinating people have kept me hooked ever since. It introduced me to countless wonderful new friends, and somehow, with its magnetic pull, made sure that a surprising number of loved ones from back home made it across the pond, whether it be for a day or to live as well.

Back from the Christmas holidays with a crisp new UK visa in my passport, it’s safe to say there are further adventures yet to come. Hope to keep you updated as often as I can, with what’s been going on in London lately. And of course, would love to hear your thoughts – thanks for visiting!

xx, as they write here,

Until next time...

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. GrowlTigger

    As someone born in London, less than a mile from Marble Arch, I find your love of London fascinating. I am also a recent beginner with blogging, my theme nostalgia, including childhood memories of London. My family left in 1970 and although I have visited often I now prefer the quieter life of a small provincial city. Thanks for the London quotes link and for visiting my post of London in the 60s. 🙂

  2. CatherineTs Post author

    Thanks so much Paul! I think it’s always a bit funny seeing your hometown through the eyes of someone only recently landed. I can see how you’d have the best of both worlds – close enough to visit but with a sanctuary to return to. What really gets me here is the oodles and oodles of history, which is why pictures like the ones you posted are so amazing…completely different decade but there people are, wandering down Regent Street and enjoying a summer’s day, just like us (well, maybe not for another few months, but you know). Will look foward to more lovely nostalgia!


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